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ProStroke is a simple to use putting aid specially designed to help improve your putting stroke by supporting your wrist and maintaining the straight line down your arm to the ball.

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The ProStroke

Simple to use:

  1. Remove your new ProStroke from the drawstring pouch.
  2. Holding the ProStroke with the logo uppermost, place the golf tee down through the hole and into the hole in the end of your putter grip.
  3. Wrap the velcro tightly around the grip.
  1. Make sure it is correctly aligned and you are ready to use your ProStroke.
  2. Make putting strokes with the device against your leading arm making sure to keep the wrist steady.
  3. Can be used right-handed or left-handed and even reverse handed

  • The ProStroke is simple to set up and use
  • The ProStroke takes only a few seconds to install onto your putter
  • The ProStroke will help you improve your putting stroke.